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Antibodies for Immuno-Oncology Research

Custom miRNA qPCR Profiling
Sensitive cGMP Quantification EIA Kit

Highly effective & efficient in vitro delivery of Cas9 RNP for genome editing in challenging cells

Rapid exosome quantification - EXOCET

Rapid exosome quantification - EXOCET

Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit for the rapid measurement of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity, known to be enriched within exosomes. Compatible with samples from human, mouse and rat species, the easy-to-use EXOCET kit quantifies exosomes isolated using ExoQuick™, ExoQuick-TC™, ultracentrifugation, immunoaffinity purification or chromatography methods in as little as 20 minutes.

EXOCET sample data and standard curve

ExoQuick™ exosome isolation reagents
We offer a variety of precipitation reagents for the simple one-step isolation of exosomes from a range of sample types, find out more.

Material available for download

EXOCET Exosome Quantitation Assay Kit user manual


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