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MedChem Express

MedChem Express

MedChem Express (MCE) offers a wide range of high quality research chemicals and biochemicals including novel reagents, reference compounds, APIs and natural compounds for laboratory research use. These include 10,000 recombinant proteins and 170 screening libraries with approximately 16 million compounds, as well as over 30,000 selective inhibitors and agonists targeting 375 key proteins in 20 signalling pathways.

MedChemExpress products inhibitors and compounds

MCE perform thorough analytical testing - including HNMR, LC-MS and HPLC - stability testing and activity assays on their products and the results from these tests are available to customers.

MCE chemists are highly experienced in molecular synthesis and the preparation of large quantities of structurally diverse and synthetically challenging molecules and can offer flexible quantities ranging from milligrams to kilograms.

Cambridge Bioscience is the distributor for Medchem Express in the UK.

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