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Lucigen focuses on developing new, more effective products and technologies for gene cloning, protein expression, and nucleic acid sequencing and amplification.

Lucigen products such as the patented CloneSmart® technology have dramatically improved DNA cloning reliability and efficiency, which has allowed researchers to successfully capture many genes that were impossible to clone using other methods.

Since CloneSmart, Lucigen have developed and introduced many other cloning breakthroughs including ClonePlex®-AK dual insert cloning kits, CopyRight® large insert cloning kits, UltraClone™ DNA ligation & cloning kits, and BigEasy® linear cloning kits.

Lucigen has also used its own proprietary technology to be the first company to isolate viral DNA polymerases from boiling hot spring environments. These novel enzymes have been shown to be superior products for PCR, RT-PCR (reverse transcription-PCR) and rapid, isothermal amplification of RNA and DNA.

Cambridge Bioscience is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Lucigen.

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