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LKT Labs

LKT Labs

Founded over 25 years ago, LKT Laboratories focus on the synthesis, purification, and isolation of small molecules for research applications. Their range of products, including protein kinase inhibitors, ion channel modulators and activators, exhibit known biological activities that have found uses in a wide array of research fields, especially cancer and neuroscience. 

LKT Laboratories utilise high performance counter current chromatography to ensure excellent recovery and purity of the extracted product without degradation. 

Natural products 
LKT Laboratories is a leading supplier of high purity chemical compounds derived from natural sources. They specialise in extracting, isolating, and purifying these natural products (from fruit, vegetables, seeds, roots, tree bark, stems or leaves) or synthesising the products in the lab if necessary..

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to provide LKT Labs products in the UK, Ireland and Europe.