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JPT Peptide Technologies

JPT Peptide Technologies

JPT Peptide Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and GCLP-compliant manufacturer of peptide-based products and services. JPT has a comprehensive product range which includes peptide pools, custom peptides and peptide arrays. These products are designed to aid in the development of vaccine target discovery, seromarker validation and immune monitoring tools and diagnostics.

The  product range includes

  • PepMix™ peptide pools from hundreds of antigens 
  • RepliTope™ peptide microarrays for pathogens and tumour associated antigens
  • Enzyme substrate sets and microarrays for kinases, proteases, acetyltransferases, phosphatases etc
  • SpikeTidesTM Sets & SpikeMixTM for biomarker quantification using mass spectrometry

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to provide JPT Peptide Technologies products in the UK and Ireland.