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HTI (Haematologic Technologies)

HTI (Haematologic Technologies)
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Haematologic Technologies, Inc. (HTI) is a primary manufacturer that specializes in the isolation and characterization of high quality, plasma proteins which are intended for in vitro research use. Their focus is on proteins involved in the coagulation cascade and the regulation of bone metabolism.

HTI’s product line consists of over 150 highly purified and well-characterized proteins, including zymogens, enzymes, co-factors, and inhibitors, as well as a complementary line of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Additionally, HTI offers a broad line of services, which includes: custom protein purification, protein modification, assay development, contract manufacturing and contract research.

HTI has an extensive line of proteins from human, bovine and murine source plasma. These include the coagulation factors as well as inhibitors, platelet and bone proteins. Additionally, HTI will custom-purify these proteins from other species at your request.

Cambridge Bioscience is the exclusive distributor for Haematologic Technologies, Inc. in the UK and Ireland.

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