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2D Gap Closure Cell Migration Assay
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BioFX & Surmodics

BioFX & Surmodics
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BioFX and Surmodics serve the in vitro diagnostic, biopharmaceutical, and research markets with the essential building blocks for in vitro diagnostic immunoassay technologies. Their extensive high-quality product offering simplifies your raw material sourcing with in vitro diagnostic products that meet many of the needs of the scientific industry.

  • Protein/Antibody Stabilizers: Ready-to-use protein/antibody stabilizers for immunoassays, conjugates, and microarrays.
  • BioFX® Substrates: A wide range of colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates for microwell and membrane applications.
  • BioFX® Secondary Antibodies: Secondary antibodies to ten different animal species in a variety of conjugate formats.
  • BioFX® Accessory Reagents: Blocking buffers, stop reagents and wash solutions for use in assay development.

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to distribute the BioFX® range of products from Surmodics to customers in the UK and Ireland.

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