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Axol Bioscience

Axol Bioscience

Axol Bioscience is a leading biotechnology company, specialising in high-quality human cell products and cell-based assays to support research and drug discovery. Renowned for their expertise in generating human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and differentiating them into highly relevant iPSC-derived neurons and cardiomyocytes, Axol Bioscience operates an ISO 9001:2015-accredited production facility.

Axol Bioscience's specialised cell types, axoCells™, include

  • Neurons: Cortical excitatory neurons, striatal neurons, cortical inhibitory interneurons, sensory neurons, motor neurons
  • Neuroinflammatory cells: Microglia, astrocytes
  • Cardiomyocytes: Atrial cardiomyocytes, ventricular cardiomyocytes
  • Muscle cells: Myotubes

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