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Screening and profiling services

BPS Bioscience also offers biochemical and cell-based screening services. Their team of expert scientists will save you valuable time screening your compounds of interest against their unique assay panels or determining IC50 values. Their portfolio consists of over 600 assays available as a service.

Biochemical-based screening services 
Utilise excellent tools to quickly identify potential therapeutics, predict potency, and narrow down a large pool of candidates to a much smaller one.

Cellular functional interventions
The cell-based data offers a more comprehensive view of the biological context and the resulting cellular responses, allowing for more informed decisions to be made about which compounds to advance to development.

They are uniquely positioned to meet your research needs

  • Extensive Immunotherapy panels, including many unique immunotherapy targets
  • First commercially available and largest histone demethylase panel
  • Over 20 unique histone methyltransferases
  • Extensive SARS-CoV-2 assays, including 3CL Protease, RdRp, Papain-like Protease, and Spike:ACE2 binding assays.
  • Complete PARP isozyme panel and unique PARP-trapping assays
  • Largest phosphodiesterase isozyme panel
  • First complete suite of HDAC and SIRT enzymes
  • Extensive bromodomain and HSP90 panels

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Contact our BPS custom services specialists 

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