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Recombinant target proteins for CAR-T cell therapy

ACROBiosystems offers an extensive portfolio of recombinant proteins to support CAR-T cell therapy development including over 50 targets for solid and blood tumours. These proteins specifically bind to the antigen-binding domains of CARs and can detect the expression of single CAR in dual-target CAR-T cells.

Providing a one-step solution for CAR detection, the recombinant target proteins have high specificity, sensitivity and minimal background, with reduced processing time and eliminating the need for secondary antibodies. Offering solutions for CAR expression, these proteins are ideal for applications in immunisation, antibody screening, and the detection of CAR expression via flow cytometry in preclinical and clinical samples.

The growing range of proteins includes fluorescent-labelled target antigens, pre-biotinylated proteins and difficult-to-express proteins such as BCMA, CD19, ROR1, and EGFRVIII.

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