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Nitrate/Nitrite Fluorometric Assay Kit

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CAY780051-2 x 96 wells
2 x 96 wells
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nitric oxide metabolite detection kit

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Cayman’s Nitrate/Nitrite Fluorometric Assay provides a convenient method for the quantitation of low levels of nitrate and nitrite in biological samples (particularly tissue culture medium). Previously undetectable concentrations of nitrate/nitrite in a variety of samples can be accurately quantitated using this kit as it extends the lower limit of detection by 20-fold over our colorimetric version (Item No. 780001). The minimum detectable quantity of NO2/NO3 is ~50 nM.

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CAY780051-2 x 96 wells: Nitrate/Nitrite
CAY780051-2 x 96 wells: Nitrate/Nitrite Fluorometric Assay Kit
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2 x 96 wells