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para-Chloroisobutyryl fentanyl (hydrochloride)

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CAY20018-5 mg
5 mg _$$_
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This product is for research use only and is not for human consumption or therapeutic use.
This product falls under Controlled Substance legislation. We will require confirmation that you possess the necessary UK Home Office license to supply this product.
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A neat solid

Molecular Weight:


Alternative Names:

n-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-methyl-n-[1-(2-phenylethyl)-4-piperidinyl]-propanamide, monohydrochloride, ​4-chloroisobutyryl fentanyl, p-chloride isobutyryl fentanyl, p-chloro ibf, p-chloroisobutyryl fentanyl, para-chloride isobutyryl fentanyl, para-chloro ibf, 4-

Product Description:

An analytical reference material categorized as an opioid; regulated as a Schedule I compound in the United States; intended for research and forensic applications

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para-Chloroisobutyryl fentanyl (hydrochl
para-Chloroisobutyryl fentanyl (hydrochloride)
Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
para-Chlorobutyryl fentanyl (hydrochloride) CAY23015-1 mg · Cayman Chemical Forensics
CAY23015-1 mg
Cayman Chemical Forensics
1 mg POA
1 mg
para-Chloroisobutyryl fentanyl (hydrochloride) (exempt preparation) CAY38928-100 ug · Cayman Chemical Forensics
CAY38928-100 ug
Cayman Chemical Forensics
100 µg POA
100 µg