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Sodium Butyrate

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CAY13121-250 g
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This product is for research use only and is not for human consumption or therapeutic use.
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A crystalline solid

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Alternative Names:

butanoic acid, sodium salt, butyric acid, fa 4:0

Product Description:

A short-chain fatty acid; produced predominately by bacterial fermentation of dietary fiber in the colon but has also been identified in mammalian milk; an HDAC inhibitor (IC50 = 90 µM in a cell-free assay); induces differentiation, cell cycle arrest at the G0 phase, and apoptosis, as well as inhibits proliferation, in a variety of cancer cells from 0.6-100 mM; decreases the expression of IFN-γ-related signaling genes and metastatic genes in H460 human lung cancer cells at 2 mM; reduces tumor growth in a CaSki mouse xenograft model at 200 and 800 mg/kg per day; reduces increases in colonic TNFa and Il6 expression and decreases colonic goblet cell depletion, tissue damage, muscle thickening, and cellular infiltration in a wild-type, but not Hcar2-/-, mouse model of TNBS-induced colitis

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CAY13121-250 g: Sodium Butyrate
CAY13121-250 g: Sodium Butyrate
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