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SensoLyte® AMC Calpain Activity Assay Kit, Fluorimetric

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The calpains are a family of intracellular Ca2+ supdependent cysteine proteases. The best-characterised calpains are isoforms 1 (µ) and 2 (m). Calpains respond to Ca2+ signals by cleaving many specific proteins, thereby irreversibly modifying their function(s). They are implicated in a variety of Ca2+ regulated cellular processes as well as various pathological phenomena, such as ischemic injury, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, cataract, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, andCancer. Calpains represent potential therapeutic targets for drug discovery.The SensoLyte® AMC Calpain Assay Kit is optimised for detecting calpain activities. This kit contains a fluorogenic peptide substrate, suc-LLVY-AMC. Upon calpain protease cleavage, suc-LLVY-AMC generates the AMC fluorophore emitting bright blue fluorescence and can be monitored at excitation/emission=354/442 nm. Increase in AMC fluorescence is proportional to calpain activity. The assay can detect both calpain 1 (µ) and 2 (m) activities and is ideal for kinetic study of theseEnzymes. The assays are performed in a convenient 96-well microplate format.

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