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MCC950 (sodium salt)

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CAY34762-10 mg
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This product is for research use only and is not for human consumption or therapeutic use.
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A solid

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Alternative Names:

n-[[(1,2,3,5,6,7-hexahydro-s-indacen-4-yl)amino]carbonyl]-4-(1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl)-2-furansulfonamide, monosodium salt, cp 456,773

Product Description:

An inhibitor of NLRP3 inflammasome activation; inhibits ATP-induced IL-1β release in LPS-primed mouse BMDMs (IC50 = 7.5 nM), as well as cytosolic LPS-induced IL-1β release in Pam3CSK4-primed mouse BMDMs at 0.1 and 1 µM; selective for NLRP3 over NLRC4 and AIM2 inflammasomes and does not inhibit LPS-induced NLRP3 priming in mouse BMDMs at 10 µM; reduces ox-LDL-induced increases in caspase-1 activity and inhibits pyroptosis in THP-1 macrophages at 1 µM; reduces myocardial fibrosis in mice following myocardial infarction induced by left coronary artery ligation at 10 mg/kg; improves forelimb grip strength and reduces spinal edema in a mouse model of spinal crush injury at 10 mg/kg

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MCC950 CAY17510-1 mg · Cayman Chemical
CAY17510-1 mg
Cayman Chemical
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1 mg