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Lentiviral packaging services

Getting high quality, high titre lentivirus preparations is often critical for success, especially with hard to transduce cell lines.

System Biosciences (SBI) offers high-titer, transduction ready lentivirus in flexible production scales and different titer options. SBI’s custom service scientists have significant packaging expertise and over 10 years of experience producing high-quality, high-titer virus particles.

Benefits of using this lentiviral packaging service
• Transduction-ready virus
• Highly experienced team 
• High-quality packaged virus provided
• Consistent and reliable titers delivered at or above specified titer level
• Three different titer levels and flexible production scales

Titre options available:

Titre IFU/ml Application
Regular >107 Standard cell culture models
High >108 More difficult-to-transduce cells (e.g. suspension cells)
Ultra-high >109 Very difficult-to-transduce cells such as stem cells and primary cells; in vivo applications

SBI’s packaged lentivirus exhibits broad tropism

SBI’s packaged lentivirus exhibits broad tropism

Material available for download
Lentiviral packaging service brochure

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