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Human epigenetic age analysis

The Human DNAge® service from Zymo Research precisely quantifies human epigenetic age for circadian rhythms, allergy, fertility, arthritis, forensic or diabetes research applications. Compatible with blood and urine, the Human DNAge platform utilises the 'Simplified Whole-panel Amplification Reaction Method' (SWARM®), a robust targeted bisulphite sequencing approach to help deliver reproducible, high-throughput methylation data.

Benefits of using the Human DNAge service
• Accurately quantify epigenetic age
• Compatible with blood and urine samples
• Highly-reproducible results
• Reliable epigenetic age prediction using as little as 250 ng DNA
• Urine DNAge offers a non-invasive option
Cited in major publications
• Utilised SWARM® technology
• Publication-ready data in one, simple report
• Simple, customisable pipeline

What is the DNAge epigenetic clock?
Aging is the largest risk factor for many chronic diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, quantifying the biological age is a fundamental step in understanding disease. Dr Steve Horvarth's epigenetic clock, the gold standard of aging clocks, predicts biological age by measuring DNA methylation at multiple sites. 

Blood DNAge is highly reproducible and age correlated

Human DNAge blood clock

Blood DNAge is highly reproducible with a median standard deviation <1 year in technical replicates. DNAge is highly correlated with chronological age in the general population, therefore can accurately predict biological age.

Urine DNAge uses a gender-specific algorithm to enhance accuracy

Human DNAge female clock

Human DNAge male clock

Urine DNAge is highly reproducible with a median SD of 2 years in technical replicates.

Material available for download
Human DNAge sample report

Human DNAage citations

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