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Disease status blood and bone marrow

Whilst there are a variety of different bone marrow diseases, most are directly related to the blood and blood cell production. Unlike leukaemias, where patients produce too many white blood cells, or lymphomas, which target the lymph nodes, polycythemia vera is a disease in which there is an over-production of red blood cells, resulting in highly viscous blood. Other diseases include; myeloma where there is an over production of plasma cells, which eventually cause tumours to develop and aplastic anaemia in which production of blood cells are hindered. Since prognosis for each condition is different and specific to the individual patient, it is essential that researchers have access to different individual samples of blood and bone marrow in order to develop personalised strategies to counter these diseases. 

Through our partners, we offer access to fresh human bone marrow and blood samples from patients with diseases, such as myelomas, polycythemia vera, aplastic anaemias and other bone marrow diseases. With delivery within 24 hours after sample collection, these high quality biospecimens are ideal for bone marrow CD34 cell isolations and IHC applications, where labile biomarkers are the research focus.

Benefits of using these human biospecimens
• Fully traceable and transparent tissue origin
• All biospecimens obtained directly from original source
• Guaranteed high quality
• Guaranteed compliance with international and local ethical regulations
• Large clinical site network with dedicated full-cycle project management
• Sample delivery within 24 hours (Europe)
• Customised approach to adapt projects to exact customer requirements

Disease status blood and bone marrow biospecimen samples are widely used in precision medicine to:
• Help investigate the mechanisms responsible for cellular proliferation that may lead to a cancer disease
• Identify and group individuals to determine which form of treatment is appropriate for the different cancer disease stages
• Aid in the development of novel therapies to treat different cancer disease types
• Enable the development of new screening tests to detect biomarkers associated with certain sub-types or stages of a cancer disease for earlier & more accurate diagnoses

Discuss a custom project
To discuss a custom project further, please contact our biospecimen specialist.

These products are for use in Biomedical Research only. They are not to be used for any form of human treatment, or for any purpose that is prohibited by law, including any use for human reproductive cloning. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have necessary licensing and ethics approvals in place for the use and storage of any human tissue related material supplied by Cambridge Bioscience.