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Assemble DNA Constructs Simply & Efficiently Using The Gibson Assembly® Method

Custom Plasmid Construction - Syn2Clone™

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a convenient custom gene or sequence synthesis service from System Biosciences. Cloned into any of System Biosciences' well-validated viral or non-viral vectors, the Syn2Clone™ custom plasmid construction service enables affordable, easy synthesis and cloning in as little as 2 weeks.

Benefits Of Using This Syn2Clone™ Service
• Custom gene synthesis & sub-cloning in as little as 2 weeks
• Affordable
• Uses any of SBI’s well-validated vectors
• Easy

  Viral Systems Non-Viral Systems

Integrating Vectors
Great for general gene or non-coding RNA functional studies and applications where heritable expression is desired

High-titre & reliable
• Random integration
• Limited insert size
• High copy number
Easy, consistent transgenesis
• Random integration
• Unlimited insert size
• High copy number
    PhiC31 Integrase System
One-step single-copy integration
• Site-specific integration
• Unlimited insert size
• Single copy number

Non-integrating Vectors
Great for sensitive applications, such as gene therapy, that need to avoid potential host gene disruptions due to vector integration

AAV Vectors
Effective gene delivery without viral integration
• Limited insert size
• High copy numbe
Enhanced Episomal Vectors
Easy episomal expression
• Unlimited insert size
• High copy number
    Minicircle Technology
Episomal expression free from foreign DNA
• Unlimited insert size
• High copy number

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