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Custom plasmid construction - Syn2Clone™

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a convenient custom gene or sequence synthesis service from System Biosciences. Cloned into any of System Biosciences' well-validated viral or nonviral vectors, the Syn2Clone™ custom plasmid construction service enables affordable, easy synthesis and cloning in as little as two weeks.

Benefits of using this Syn2Clone™ service
• Custom gene synthesis and subcloning in as little as two weeks
• Affordable
• Uses any of SBI’s well-validated vectors
• Easy

  Viral systems Non-viral systems

Integrating vectors
Great for general gene or noncoding RNA functional studies and applications where heritable expression is desired

high-titre and reliable
• Random integration
• Limited insert size
• High copy number
Easy, consistent transgenesis
• Random integration
• Unlimited insert size
• High copy number
    PhiC31 integrase system
One-step single-copy integration
• Site-specific integration
• Unlimited insert size
• Single copy number

Nonintegrating Vectors
Great for sensitive applications, such as gene therapy, that need to avoid potential host gene disruptions due to vector integration

AAV vectors
Effective gene delivery without viral integration
• Limited insert size
• High copy number
Enhanced episomal vectors
Easy episomal expression
• Unlimited insert size
• High copy number
    Minicircle technology
Episomal expression free from foreign DNA
• Unlimited insert size
• High copy number

Contact our specialists
To discuss a custom synthesis project, please contact our System Bioscience specialist.

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