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End of year sale: save on frozen leukopaks from our stock inventory

Frozen leukopak end of year saleFor a limited time, frozen human leukopaks are available at up to 36% off! Frozen by controlled-rate freezing methods, our frozen human leukopaks contain a guaranteed minimum of 10 billion total nucleated cells per full leukopak from a single donor. 

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Size Standard price Offer price
Full leukopak £6230 £3990
Half leukopak £4368 £3276
Quarter leukopak £3276 £2621

Terms & conditions
- Offer ends 31st December 2023
- Offer only applies to frozen leukopaks (full, half and quarter leukopaks)

- Offers are 36% off full leukopaks, 25% off half leukopaks, 20% off quarter leukopaks
- Cannot be used in conjuction with any other discounted pricing or quotation
- Products from other suppliers are excluded from the offer