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Offer: 15% on pan-cancer Atlas antibodies

For a limited time only, save 15% on Atlas pan-cancer antibodies.Atlas 15% off pan-cancer markers

This campaign encompasses over 300 Pan-Cancer antibodies, targeting 33 tumour types highlighted in the Pan-Cancer Atlas. These primary antibodies provided by Atlas Antibodies cater to crucial domains including biomarker detection, molecular profiling, and therapeutic target identification. Meticulously designed and rigorously validated, these antibodies ensure comprehensive coverage and enhanced validation, guaranteeing dependable results across diverse applications.

Terms and conditions:
• Discounted prices can be found listed on our website against qualifying products.
• Offer ends 31st August 2024.
• 15% discount is applied off list price.
• Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounted pricing or quotation.
• Products from other suppliers are excluded from the offer.