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Samples are limited to one per lab or department and are only available to customers located in the UK.

These samples are available to qualified customers performing large-scale protein production in suspension CHO cells using plasmid DNA. The system includes: CHOgro Expression Medium (2 x 1 L), CHOgro Complex Formation Solution (100 ml), L-Glutamine (100 ml), Poloxamer 188 Solution (100 ml), TransIT-PRO Transfection Reagent (1 ml), CHOgro Titer Enhancer (20 ml).
These samples are available to qualified customers establishing large-scale, preclinical and early phase clinical LV or AAV production platforms. Refer to the TransIT-VirusGEN SELECT product page for more information on quality release testing. Note that an appropriate volume of research-grade TransIT-VirusGEN is provided in place of TransIT-VirusGEN SELECT for evaluation purposes.