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ZymoBIOMICS-96 MagBead DNA Kit

The ZymoBIOMICS™-96 MagBead DNA kits from Zymo Research enable the isolation of ultra-pure, inhibitor free DNA from any sample including faeces, swabs, biofilms and soil. The high quality, inhibitor-free isolated DNA is suitable for microbiomics or metagenomic analyses including PCR, 16s sequencing and shotgun sequencing. Samples can be processed using a 96 well magnetic stand, liquid handler or other robotic sample processor with a 96-well plate heat block. The kit is also compatible with centrifuges fitted with a 96 well microplate carrier.

Benefits of using the ZymoBIOMICS-96 MagBead DNA kit
• Up to 10 µg total DNA isolated
• Elute into 50 µl (37.5 µl minimum)
• Low processing volumes: faecal ≤100 mg, soil ≤ 200 mg, cells ≤ 20 mg
• Typically produces 15-20 kb DNA, post-bead beating

No precipitation or centrifugation required

No precipitation or centrifugation required with ZymoBIOMICS-96 MagBead DNA Kit

Microbiomics and metagenomics portfolio
Our ZymoBIOMICS portfolio offers a complete microbiomics and metagenomics workflow from streamlined collection through to analysis.

Material available for download
ZymoBIOMICS-96 MagBead DNA Kit protocol
ZymoBIOMICS-96 MagBead DNA Kit optimised lysis protocols
Automated microbiome-grade DNA extraction on the Hamilton Microlab® STAR™ application note

Microlab is a registered trademark of and star is a trademark of Hamilton Company


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ZymoBIOMICS DNA 96 MagBead Kit D4302 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
2 x 96 preps £1303.00
2 x 96 preps
ZymoBIOMICS-96 Magbead DNA Kit (lysis Matrix Not Included) D4306 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
2 x 96 preps £917.00
2 x 96 preps
ZymoBIOMICS DNA 96 MagBead Kit D4308 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
2 x 96 preps £1303.00
2 x 96 preps