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Whole transcriptome RNA seq reference standards: Seraseq

These novel whole transcriptome RNA sequencing reference materials from SeraCare enable the analysis of 22 fusion genes with clinical applications in oncology, providing a comprehensive view of the whole transcriptome by a next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay. Offered as a purified RNA mix ready for RNA seq NGS library preparation, the Seraseq® reference materials enable the detection of known and novel fusion targets commonly assayed in pan-cancer disease profiling.

Benefits of using the Seraseq whole transcriptome RNA reference standardsSeraseq whole transcriptome RNA reference standards
• 22 pan-cancer RNA gene fusions provided in each sample
• Ideal for pan-cancer disease profiling
• Ready for total RNA transcriptome seq library prep
• Accurately quantitated by digital PCR - >20,000 copies/µl per fusion target
• Fusion constructs are blended into total RNA from well-characterised GM24385 cell line as wild-type background
• Manufactured in GMP-compliant and ISO 13485-certified facilities

Product specifications

# of fusions 22
Concentration 50 ng/µl
Fill volume 20 µl
Total mass 1 µg
Format Purified RNA
Buffer 1mM Tris; pH 8

Material available for download
Seraseq whole transcriptome RNA seq mix flyer
Seraseq whole transcriptome RNA seq mix datasheet


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Seraseq® Whole Transcriptome RNA Seq Mix 0710-2129 · LGC SeraCare
LGC SeraCare
20 µl £1746.00
20 µl