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siRNA and plasmid DNA transfection reagent: TransIT-TKO

TransIT-TKO® from Mirus Bio is a broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, siRNA and plasmid DNA transfection reagent for mammalian cells. Ideal for a range of hard-to-transfect cells, TransIT-TKO ensures reproducible, targeted gene knockdowns. 

Benefits of using TransIT-TKO
• Broad spectrum siRNA and plasmid delivery
• Low cellular toxicity
• High knockdown efficiency
• Reproducible results - consistent, targeted gene knockdowns

Delivery of fluorescently-labelled siRNA using TransIT-TKO Transfection Reagent

Delivery of Fluorescently-Labeled siRNA Using TransIT-TKO® Transfection Reagent.

HeLa (70% confluence) cells in 12-well plates were transfected with TransIT-TKO Transfection Reagent (3 μl/well) and Label IT® siRNA Tracker Fluorescein-labeled siRNA duplexes (GREEN, 50 nM final concentration in the well). The cells were incubated for 24 hours post-transfection then fixed and counterstained with TO-PRO®-3 (nuclei, BLUE) (Life Technologies) and Alexa Fluor® 546 Phalloidin (actin, RED) (Life Technologies). Confocal images were acquired on a Zeiss LSM 510 Confocal Microscope.

High efficiency endogenous knockdown in iCell® cardiomyocytes

High Efficiency Endogenous Knockdown in iCell® Cardiomyocytes.

TransIT-TKO transfection reagent was used to transfect iCell® Cardiomyocytes (Cellular Dynamics International) plated at a density of 136,500 cells per well of a 12-well plate pre-coated with fibronectin. 7 days post-plating, triplicate wells were transfected with TransIT-TKO (3-5 µl per well) & non-targeting control siRNA or GAPDH targeting siRNA (50nM per well). 72h post-transfection, GAPDH mRNA was measured relative to 18s rRNA mRNA levels using qRT-PCR & scaled to the expression level of non-targeting control siRNA.

Cell lines tested with TransIT-TKO

Cell line (source)
Endogenous transcript Knockdown efficiency
BNL CL.2 (mouse liver)
MAPK1 80%
MAPK3 83%
HeLa (human cervix)
Lamin A/C 80%
Hepa1c1c7 (mouse liver)
MAPK1 80%
MAPK3 75%
MEK1 75%
PTEN 80%
HepG2 (human liver)
MAPK1 80%
NIH 3T3-L1
MAPK1 70%
MAPK3 70%
Secondary human astrocytes
Lamin A/C 80%
Primary mouse hepatocytes
ABC A1 70%
Lamin A/C 81%

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Material available for download
TransIT-TKO Transfection Reagent protocol
TransIT-TKO Transfection Reagent quick reference protocol
TransIT-TKO Transfection Reagent SDS
Cell types successfully transfected using TransIT-TKO Transfection Reagent

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TransIT-TKO Transfection Reagent MIR 2155 · Mirus
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MIR 2156
10 x 1.5 ml £5389.00
10 x 1.5 ml