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siRNA transfection reagent: TransIT-siQUEST

TransIT-siQUEST® from Mirus Bio is a highly efficient transfection reagent for siRNA delivery into mammalian cells. With a low cellular toxicity to maintain cell density and consistent, targeted gene knockdowns to ensure reproducible results, TransIT-siQUEST enables optimal gene silencing in a large percentage of cells. 

Benefits of using TransIT-siQUEST
• Broad spectrum siRNA delivery
• Low cellular toxicity
• Reproducible results
• High knockdown efficiency

Delivery of fluorescently-labelled siRNA using TransIT-siQUEST

Delivery of Fluorescently-Labeled siRNA Using TransIT-siQUEST® Transfection Reagent

HeLa (70% confluence) cells in 12-well plates were transfected with TransIT-siQUEST transfection reagent (3 μl/well) & Label IT® siRNA Tracker Cy-3-labelled siRNA duplexes (RED, 25 nM final concentration in the well). The cells were incubated 24 hours post-transfection then fixed & counterstained with counterstained with Alexa Fluor® 488 Phalloidin (GREEN) (Life Technologies). Confocal images were acquired on a Zeiss LSM 510 Confocal Microscope.

High knockdown & low toxicity using TransIT-siQUEST in CHO cells stably expressing firefly luciferase

High Knockdown and Low Toxicity Using TransIT-siQUEST® Reagent in CHO Cells Stably Expressing Firefly Luciferase.

CHO-luc cells were grown in 24 wells plates and transfected with 25 nM of either a non-targeting siRNA or a anti-firefly luciferase siRNA using the indicated reagents with the volumes noted beneath each well. Luciferase expression, normalized to non-targeting siRNA control (bar graph) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) levels (line graph) were measured at 24 hours post-transfection. LDH levels are reported as percent cytotoxicity compared to cells alone and were measured using a commercially available colorimetric assay; all values at or below zero are represented as zero on graph.

• Gene knockdown

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Material available for download
Cell lines successfully transfected at Mirus using TransIT-siQUEST
TransIT-siQUEST Transfection Reagent protocol
TransIT-siQUEST Transfection Reagent quick reference protocol

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TransIT-siQUEST Transfection Reagent MIR 2114 · Mirus
MIR 2114
0.4 ml £407.00
0.4 ml
TransIT-siQUEST Transfection Reagent MIR 2110 · Mirus
MIR 2110
1.5 ml £652.00
1.5 ml
TransIT-siQUEST Transfection Reagent MIR 2115 · Mirus
MIR 2115
5 x 1.5 ml £2831.00
5 x 1.5 ml
TransIT-siQUEST Transfection Reagent MIR 2116 · Mirus
MIR 2116
10 x 1.5 ml £5232.00
10 x 1.5 ml