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Single tube EV isolation: SmartSEC Single

SmartSEC™ Single from System Biosciences uses the same proprietary chromatography-based extracellular vesicle (EV) isolation technology as the popular SmartSEC HT plate and SmartSEC Mini kit but in a single tube format. The SmartSEC technology combines the purity, yield, reproducibility and preservation of EV integrity benefits of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) with a contaminant trapping feature that enhances the capabilities of conventional SEC. The resulting best-in-class EV isolation is fast, easy and clean.

Benefits of the SmartSEC Single
• Quick and easy EV isolation
• Higher purity and yield than ultracentrifugation
• Compatible with most downstream applications
• Great for isolating EVs from a range of biofluids

How SmartSEC Single works

SmartSEC workflow

Simply apply 100 – 250 µl of cleared serum or plasma with additional column buffer or up to 4 ml of other biofluids directly to the pre-washed column, incubate, and centrifuge to elute the EVs.

Supporting data

SmartSEC Single WB analysis

  Western blot analysis shows that SmartSEC Single delivers higher yields of cleaner EVs than a competitor’s q SEC columns.

SmartSEC Single fNTA

fNTA show that SmartSEC Single delivers higher yields of cleaner EVs than a competitor’s q SEC column.

Material available for download
SmartSEC Single user manual
SmartSEC Single product sheet


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