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EV isolation from small volume biofluids: SmartSEC Mini

Whether it’s precious clinical samples or hard-to-collect biofluids from developmental biology model organisms, researchers are increasingly challenged by the need to isolate extracellular vesicles (EVs) from limited sample volumes.

The SmartSEC Mini from System Biosciences is the first commercially available kit optimised for isolating EVs from 10 - 100 µl of biofluid. Using the proprietary SmartSEC chromatography-based EV isolation technology that combines the purity, yield, reproducibility and preservation of EV integrity benefits of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) with a contaminant trapping feature that overcomes the limitations of conventional SEC, this system enables fast, easy and low sample-volume EV isolation.

Benefits of the SmartSEC Mini EV Isolation System
• The only commercially available EV isolation kit for sample volumes as low as 10 µl
• Higher purity and yield than ultracentrifugation
• Isolates EVs from a range of biofluids
• Validated in samples from human and model developmental biology organisms
• Compatible with most downstream applications

How the SmartSEC Mini EV Isolation System works

SmartSEC mini workflow

Supporting data

SmartSEC Mini Drosophila haemolymph

SmartSEC Mini provides robust isolation of EVs from Drosophila starting from 10 µl of haemolymph. Data courtesy of Dr. Karen Linnemannstöns, University of Göttingen.

SmartSEC Mini Planaria neoblast culture media

SmartSEC Mini provides robust isolation of EVs from 100 µl of Planaria neoblast culture media. Data courtesy of Dr. Vidyanand Sasidharan, Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

Material available for download
SmartSEC Mini user manual
SmartSEC Mini product sheet


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