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Triglyceride assay kit

The triglyceride colorimetric assay kit from Cayman Chemical is a simple yet sensitive assay to measure triglyceride levels in a wide variety of sample types, with only 15 minutes of incubation. The assay is initiated with the enzymatic hydrolysis of the triglycerides by lipase to produce glycerol and free fatty acids, then the glycerol released is subsequently measured by a coupled enzymatic reaction system with a colourimetric readout at 540 nm.

Benefits of using this triglyceride colourimetric assay kit:
15 minute incubation time
• 3.125 to 200 mg/dl assay range
• Compatible with plasma, serum, cell lysates and tissue homogenates

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Triglyceride Assay Kit

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Material available for download
Triglyceride Colourimetric Assay Kit datasheet


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Triglyceride Colorimetric Assay Kit CAY10010303-96 wells · Cayman Chemical
CAY10010303-96 wells
Cayman Chemical
96 wells £299.00
96 wells