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Cell-free DNA purification from biofluids: Quick-cfDNA

The Quick-cfDNA™ serum and plasma kit enables the rapid preparation of high quality, circulating cell-free DNA from serum, plasma, amniotic fluid and cerebrospinal fluid. Recovering total DNA (including cell-free apoptotic, necrotic, mitochondrial and viral DNA) linearly from up to 10 ml of serum/plasma, or up to 1ml of amniotic or cerebrospinal fluid, the Quick-cfDNA™ serum and plasma kit isolates DNA suitable for sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR and next-generation sequencing.

Benefits of using the Quick-cfDNA serum and plasma kit
• High quality DNA produced
• Simple process
• Elute in as little as 35 μl
• Highest yields: consistently purify >30% more cfDNA
• Compatible with a range body fluids

Quick-cf range
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Linear recovery of cell-free DNA from plasma and serum

Quick-cfDNA serum and plasma

Quick-cfDNA serum and plasma

(A) Graphs and (B) gel image show the linear recovery of cfDNA from human plasma and serum (healthy female donors), as measured by Tapestation™ 2200 (in duplicates)

Efficient DNA purification from cell-free biological fluids

Quick-cfDNA™ Serum & Plasma Kit

Total DNA, including both high and low molecular weight species, purified (duplicates) from human maternal plasma, amniotic fluid and CSF was analysed by Tapestation™ 2200

Material available for download
Quick-cfDNA™ serum and plasma kit protocol

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