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RRHP 5-hmC library preparation kit

The Reduced Representation Hydroxymethylation Profiling (RRHP) method is based on blocking MspI digestion by glucosylating 5-hmC within MspI recognition sites. Fragments lacking glucosylated 5-hmC at the adapter-ligation junction will be cleaved and not amplified by PCR, whilst fragments containing 5-hmC will be successfully amplified and analysed by next-generation sequencing (NGS). Fragments with higher 5-hmC levels will therefore be correlated with a higher frequency of sequencing reads.

The RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit from Zymo Research offers an innovative solution for the analysis of genome-wide 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) positions, at single-base resolution. Featuring a streamlined workflow and compatible with inputs as low as 100 ng DNA, the RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep kit eliminates the need for bisulphite conversion and enables lower sequencing depths with more straight-forward bioinformatics processing.

RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit processBenefits of using the RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit
• Streamlined workflow accommodates low (≥100ng) DNA inputs
• Libraries are ready for Next-Generation sequencing (Illumina-compatible)
• Bisulphite conversion not required
• Straightforward bioinformatics

Material available for download
RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit protocol
RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit MSDS

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