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DNA from insect samples: Quick-DNA

The Quick-DNA™ Tissue/Insect kits are insect DNA extraction kits designed for the simple and rapid isolation of DNA (e.g., genomic, viral, mitochondrial) from fresh, frozen, or stored insect specimens, including mosquitoes, bees, lice, ticks, and D. melanogaster. Insect DNA isolation is completed in minutes and tissue.insect samples are efficiently lysed by using state-of-the-art ultra-high density BashingBeads.

Using Zymo-Spin column technology, isolated DNA is ideal for downstream molecular-based applications including PCR, array, genotyping, etc. These insect DNA extraction kits are also compatible with mammalian tissues, whole blood, and cultured cells.

Benefits of using the Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect kits
• BashingBeads ensure complete lysis of tough-to-lyse samples
• Extracted DNA is inhibitor-free, ready for qPCR, Next-Gen Sequencing and arrays
• Quick and simple workflow: lyse, purify on column, and filter to remove PCR inhibitors

BashingBead technology for complete disruption and sample lysis


State-of-the-art  BashingBeads  are  ideal  for  disrupting  tough-to-lyse  organisms  when  paired  with  bead  mills or  high speed cell disrupters.

Material available for download
Quick-DNA brochure
Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect Microprep kit protocol
Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect Miniprep kit protocol
Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect 96 kit protocol


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect Microprep Kit D6015 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
50 preps £237.00
50 preps
Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect Miniprep Kit D6016 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
50 preps £237.00
50 preps
Quick-DNA Tissue/Insect 96 Kit D6017 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
2 x 96 preps £790.00
2 x 96 preps