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DNA from plant/seed samples: Quick-DNA

The Quick-DNA™ Plant/Seed Kits are designed for the simple and rapid isolation of inhibitor-free, PCR-quality DNA from a variety of plant sample sources including leaves, stems, buds, flowers, fruit, seeds, etc. Plant DNA isolation is completed in minutes and plant samples are efficiently lysed  by using state-of-the-art ultra-high density BashingBeads. Using Zymo-Spin technology, polysaccharides, lipids, and polyphenols/tannins are removed from the DNA.

Benefits of using the Quick-DNA Plant/Seed kits
• BashingBeads ensure complete lysis of tough-to-lyse samples
• Extracted DNA is inhibitor-free, ready for qPCR, Next-Gen Sequencing and arrays
• Quick and simple workflow: lyse, purify on column, and filter to remove PCR inhibitors

BashingBead technology for complete disruption and sample lysis

BashingBead technology

State-of-the-art  BashingBeads  are  ideal  for  disrupting  tough-to-lyse  organisms  when  paired  with  bead  mills or  high speed cell disrupters.

Material available for download
Quick-DNA brochure
Quick-DNA Plant/Seed Miniprep kit protocol
Quick-DNA Plant/Seed 96 kit protocol


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Quick-DNA Plant/Seed Miniprep Kit D6020 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
50 preps £297.00
50 preps
Quick-DNA Plant/Seed 96 Kit D6021 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
2 x 96 preps £901.00
2 x 96 preps