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DNA from fixed tissues: Quick-DNA

The Quick-DNA™ kit from Zymo Research provides a simple and reliable method for high yield/quality DNA isolation from formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples and sections. The products unique chemistry has been optimised for maximum recovery of non-crosslinked, ultra-pure DNA without RNA contamination. 

Benefits of using the Quick-DNA FFPE kit
• Size selection technology; recover total DNA >50 bp or >500 bp
• Quick and easy: rapid dewaxing procedure (no xylene necessary)
• Isolates ultra-pure DNA ready for qPCR, Next-Gen Sequencing, and arrays
• 6x more DNA recovered

Simple workflow

Simply digest deparaffinised tissues using the provided Proteinase K, heat, and then purify the DNA with the Zymo-Spin columns in the kit. DNA >50 bp or >500 bp can be selectively isolated by altering the lysis buffer conditions as described in the protocol. PCR inhibitors are effectively removed during the isolation procedure and the eluted DNA is ideal for PCR, Next-Gen library prep, enzymatic manipulation, etc.

The highest recovery
Highest recovery

DNA isolated using the Quick-DNA FFPE kit consistently yielded more usable DNA, indicated by lower Ct values than the Supplier Q kit. Equivalent amounts of DNA isolated using Zymo Research and Supplier Q procedures were used for real time PCR analysis. 

Size selection build in
Size selection

The Quick-DNA FFPE kit selectively isolated DNA >50 bp or <500 bp. Equivalent amounts of DNA were resolved on a 1% agarose gel stained with EtBr.

Material available for download
Quick-DNA brochure
Quick-DNA FFPE kit protocol


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