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Quick-DNA/RNA kits

The Quick-DNA/RNA™ kits from Zymo Research rapidly isolate high quality genomic DNA (gDNA) and total RNA from cells, tissue, blood and biological fluids. Both gDNA and a broad range of RNAs are isolated without the use of phenol, with small RNAs and microRNAs ≥17 nt also recovered with no extra steps required.

Benefits of using the Quick-DNA/RNA kits
• Efficient isolation of gDNA and total RNA (including miRNA) from any sample source
• DNA/RNA is ready for all downstream applications including next generation sequencing (NGS)
• DNA/RNA is eluted in as little as 6 µl, suitable for high sensitivity assays

Name Applications Formats available
Quick-DNA/RNA kits Quick method for DNA/RNA isolation from small amounts of cells and tissue. Spin column
Quick-DNA/RNA Plus kits Universal technology accommodating any sample input including cultured cells, tissue, blood and tough-to-lyse samples. Spin column
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral kits Optimised for low viral copy detection for next generation sequencing and RT-qPCR. Compatible with plasma/serum, cell culture media, biological fluids, swabs and faecal samples. Spin column
Quick-DNA/RNA Pathogen kits Optimised for pathogen (virus, bacteria, protozoa) detection for NGS and RT-qPCR. Compatible with vectors (mosquitoes, fleas, ticks) and tissues (mammals, birds) samples. Spin column
Quick-DNA/RNA FFPE kits Including deparaffinisation solution for simple paraffin removal without  xylene and an optimised proteinase K digestion for maximum recovery of high quality, non-crosslinked DNA and DNA-free RNA. Compatible with all downstream applications including PCR and NGS. Spin column

The Quick-DNA/RNA plus technology is universal

Universal sample compatibility

The Quick-DNA/RNA Plus technology is universal and accommodates any sample input including cultured cells, any tissue, blood and tough-to-lyse samples.

The Quick-DNA/RNA Plus kits enable single-cell detection

Single cell detection

HeLa cells were titrated down to a single cell, and DNA and total RNA were extracted using the Quick-DNA/RNA Microprep Plus Kit. Analysis by RT-qPCR shows high linear recovery of DNA & RNA down to the single-cell level (n=2).

The Quick-DNA/RNA Pathogen kit enables inhibitor-free detection in mosquitoes

Inhibitor free detection

Hard-to-lyse and inhibitor-rich mosquito vectors were homogenised using ZR BashingBeads™ and purified using Quick-DNA/RNA Pathogen. Ultra-pure, inhibitor-free West Nile Virus nucleic acids (spike-in) were detected by RT-qPCR down to 40 viral copies.

The Quick-DNA/RNA consistently produces high quality DNA and RNA


DNA and RNA isolated using the Quick-DNA/RNA FFPE Kit are high quality and consistently outperforms RNA isolated using a Supplier Q kit (Avg ΔCt = 3.6) as depicted by the RT-PCR amplification curves (n=4).

Material available for download
Quick-DNA/RNA Microprep Plus protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA Miniprep kit protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA Miniprep Plus kit protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA MagBead protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Miniprep protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA-96 Viral protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Magbead protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA Viral datatsheet
Quick-DNA/RNA Pathogen Miniprep protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA Pathogen Magbead protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA Pathogen datatsheet
Quick-DNA/RNA FFPE kit protocol
Quick-DNA/RNA FFPE datatsheet


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Quick-DNA/RNA Microprep Plus Kit D7005 · Zymo Research popular product
Zymo Research
50 preps £544.00
50 preps
Quick DNA/RNA Miniprep Kit D7001 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
50 preps £415.00
50 preps
Quick DNA/RNA Miniprep Plus Kit D7003 · Zymo Research popular product
Zymo Research
50 preps £563.00
50 preps
Quick-DNA/RNA™ MagBead R2130 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
4 x 96 preps £442.00
4 x 96 preps
Quick-DNA/RNA™ MagBead R2131 · Zymo Research
Zymo Research
4 x 96 preps £1499.00
4 x 96 preps