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NxGen Grade T7 RNA Polymerase

The NxGen® Grade T7 RNA polymerase from LGC Biosearch (Lucigen) is in a highly pure form (99% purity) specifically for next-generation applications. The T7 RNA polymerase catalyzes the 5′ to 3′ RNA synthesis from the T7 promoter. It is a DNA-dependent RNA polymerase cloned from the T7 bacteriophage, which recognises the T7 promoter and terminator sequences with high specificity.

Features of the NxGen T7 RNA Polymerase

Unit concentration 50,000 U/mL
Purity (SDS-PAGE) >99%
SS exonuclease 500 U <0.1% released
DS exonuclease 500 U <0.1% released
Endonuclease 500 U <10% converted
RNAse contamination 500 U = none detected
E. coli 16S rDNA contamination 500 U <10 copies

Unit Definition: One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that will incorporate 1 nmol of ATP into acid-precipitable material in 1 hour at 37°C.

Material available for download
NxGen T7 RNA Polymerase datasheet


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
NxGen RNAse Inhibitor, 40 U/µL 30281-1 · Lucigen
10000 units £356.00
10000 units
NxGen T7 RNA Polymerase, 50 U/µL 30223-1 · Lucigen
25000 units £237.00
25000 units