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Mix and Go competent cells

The Mix and Go Competent Cells from Zymo Research are chemically competent cells for simple, high-efficiency transformations. These cells are made chemically competent by a method that completely eliminates the need for heat shocking, with a simple mix and spread protocol for transformations.

Mix and Go competent cells are available in a variety of strains, including the popular DH5 alpha competent cells.

Benefits of using the Mix and Go competent cells
• Simple 20 second transformation: just add DNA and spread on plate
• High transformation efficiencies of 108 - 109 / µg plasmid DNA
• Ideal for general cloning, blue-white screening and plasmid isolation

Fast autolysis strains
Fast autolysis strains are also available, where 80 - 90% of E.coli are lysed in only 10 minutes after harvesting.

Material available to download
Mix and Go competent cells manual


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