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Kinase inhibitor screening libraries

The kinase inhibitor screening libraries from Cayman Chemical enable fast and simple kinase profiling, containing 160 kinase inhibitors targeting more than 70 distinct kinases and kinase families.

Ideal for research in cellular signalling and kinase activity, these screening libraries include a wide range of lipid, receptor tyrosine and dual-specificity kinases including those belonging to ROCK, activin-like kinase (ALK), GSK3 families, along many others. 

A comprehensive kinase screening library is available, containing more than 850 kinase inhibitors and providing greater coverage of individual kinases, isoforms, mutants and whole kinase families.

To discuss a custom project, please contact our Cayman Chemical specialists.

Benefits of using these kinase screening libraries:
• Optimised for fast & simple kinase profiling
• Flexible kinase profiling
• Customisable to add/remove compounds
• Screening of more than 840 kinase inhibitors available

Kinase screening library citations

Material available for download
Application note: flow cytometric screening of a kinase inhibitor
Kinase inhibitor brochure


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Kinase Screening Library (96-Well) CAY10505-50 ul · Cayman Chemical
CAY10505-50 ul
Cayman Chemical
50 µl £2698.00
50 µl
Comprehensive Kinase Screening Library CAY28940-50 ul · Cayman Chemical
CAY28940-50 ul
Cayman Chemical
50 µl £8858.00
50 µl