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Human biospecimens for respiratory research

Through our partner AnaBios, we provide guaranteed high-quality human lung tissues, to help generate highly valuable data and early human insights into a drug’s efficacy and safety in respiratory conditions before clinical trials.

Working with accredited transplant centres, AnaBios offers cryopreserved, precision-cut lung slices processed using a vibratome and slices generated are stored at -196°C with a RIN (RNA Integrity Numbers) score greater than 7. 

AnaBios obtains all biospecimens from fully consented donors, directly from the original source with a traceable and transparent tissue origin. All transplant centres are accredited and fully compliant with local laws for human biospecimen collection. Samples are available in frozen formalin-fixed and RNAlater®️ formats.

Benefits of using these respiratory biospecimens
• Guaranteed high-quality
• Fully traceable and transparent tissue origin
• All biospecimens obtained directly from original source
• From accredited transplant centres in USA
• Guaranteed compliance with local laws for human biospecimen collection
• Customised approach to adapt projects to exact customer requirements
• Avoids challenges of data interpretation encountered with animal models

Preparation and storage of PLCS

respiratory image

• Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), fibrotic lung diseases (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)), Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) and infective lung diseases (cystic fibrosis, pneumonia)
• Assess efficacy/safety on genuine human targets
• Generate reliable quantitative human data on potency and selectivity of potential drugs

Vialibility staining










Left: Viability staining of freshly sliced PCLS. Right: cryopreserved PCLS after thawing from the same donor.

Material available for download
Human precision-cut lung tissue slices brochure

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Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Human Lung Healthy Tissue LUN-501LN · AnaBios Corporation
AnaBios Corporation
≥ 100 mg POA
≥ 100 mg
Human Lung Disease Tissue LUN-502LD · AnaBios Corporation
AnaBios Corporation
≥ 100 mg POA
≥ 100 mg