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General cloning kits: CloneSmart

The CloneSmart kits from Lucigen are ideal for constructing shotgun libraries, general purpose cloining or for cloning blunt PCR products, especially with limited target DNA samples. Containing pre-processed vectors and high efficiency competent cells, these kits eliminate hours of tedious preparation and enable efficient cloning.

With no clean-up required, ligation can be completed in as little as 30 minutes with only a brief heat denaturation necessary before transformation, whilst the small vector size (1.7-2.0 kb), facilitates downstream manipulation by mutagenesis or subsequent insert addition. All cloning kits include the transcription- and translation-free pSMART® vectors, which eliminate many of the problems associated with cloning recalcitrant DNA in conventional plasmid vectors.

Benefits of using the CloneSmart kits
• Clone individual targets or libraries with high efficiencies
• Stabilise toxic inserts with optimised vector design
• Choose high or low copy number
• Save time with convenient ligation-ready cloning vectors

High copy and low copy versions of the pSMART transcription-free cloning vectors are available

pSMART vectors

Ori, origin of replication; Amp, ampicillin resistance gene; Kan, Kanamycin resistance gene; ROP, Repressor of primer (lowers plasmid copy number). Approximate positions of sequencing primers and transcription terminators (T) are indicated.

Material available for download
CloneSmart blunt cloning kits manual

CloneSmart citations


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