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Exosome-specific antibody array: Exo-Check

The Exo-Check™ from System Biosciences evaluates the relative abundance of exosome protein markers and enables the confirmation of exosome recoveries. This antibody array contains 8 known exosome markers for detection (CD63, CD81, ALIX, FLOT1, ICAM1, EpCam, ANXA5 and TSG101), a GM130 cis-Golgi marker to monitor cellular contamination in exosome isolations, a labelled positive control for HRP detection, and a blank spot as a background control. This array is compatible with exosomes isolated using ExoQuick™ as well as ultracentrifugation methods.

Exo-Check Neuro
Designed specifically for the detection of exosomes derived from neurons, the Exo-Check Neuro offers all the benefits of Exo-Check whilst being available in 2 formats. The standard format contains 11 targets and 3 controls whilst the sample-saving mini arrange contains 5 targets and 3 controls.

Benefits of using Exo-Check
• Relevant – exosome targets carefully chosen from the literature
• Sensitive - requires as little as 10-50 µg of exosomal protein
• Easy-to-use - compatible with exosomes isolated using column based/SEC methods, ultracentrifugation and precipitation 

Exo-Check Array layout

Exo-Checkā„¢ Array

Sample Exo-Check Antibody Array (Neuro) data showing exosome detection and confirmation of the presence of neuronal markers. (A) EVs were isolated from 250 µl of pooled human serum using SBI’s ExoQuick Reagent, and 10 µg of EV-associated protein were loaded onto a standard Exo-Check Neuro Array. (B) EVs were isolated from 250 µl of a different pooled human serum sample and 50 µg of EV-associated protein were loaded onto a mini Exo-Check Neuro Array.

Material available for download
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array user manual
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array (Neuro) Standard user manual
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array (Neuro) Mini user manual

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Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array EXORAY200A-4 · System Biosciences
System Biosciences
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4 arrays
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array EXORAY210A-8 · System Biosciences
System Biosciences
8 arrays £845.00
8 arrays