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EconoTaq and EconoTaq PLUS DNA polymerases and master mix

The EconoTaq® DNA Polymerase from Lucigen offers high PCR activity, low background and reliable results. Free of detectable DNA, as well as endonuclease and nicking activities, this great value DNA polymerase can be provided with or without Mg++.

The highly effective and easy-to-use master mixes contain a proprietary PCR enhancer, enabling successful amplifications of difficult targets making them more effective than other Taq master mixes. The master mixes can be cycled up to 98°C to amplify challenging GC-rich templates and the PLUS GREEN format includes a convenient tracking dye.

Benefits of using EconoTaq and EconoTaq PLUS
• Reaction buffers with or without MgCl2
• Non-proofreading polymerase
• > 99% pure by SDS
• No detectable endonuclease (nicking activity) or  exonuclease activity 
• Ready-to-use PCR reaction master mixes containing dNTPs and PCR Enhancer

Comparison of EconoTaq vs taq DNA polymerase from Competitor A and Competitor C

EconoTaq competitor comparison

Left: Taq DNA polymerase from Competitor A and Competitor C were compared to two lots of Lucigen’s EconoTaq DNA Polymerase in amplifying the ampicillin gene (0.8 kb) in a pUC19 vector. (-), no DNA. (+), DNA added. (40 ng). Right: High purity of EconoTaq DNA Polymerase (SDS PAGE). Lane 1, broad range molecular weight markers; Lane 2, Lucigen EconoTaq DNA Polymerase.

GC-rich regions from human genomic DNA were PCR amplified using 98 °C denaturation

GC-rich regions from human genomic DNA were PCR amplified using 98 °C denaturation.

Free samples
Request a free sample of EconoTaq DNA Polymerase 
Request a free sample of the EconoTaq® PLUS 2X Master Mix or EconoTaq® PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mix

Material Available for Download
EconoTaq master mixes brochure
EconoTaq® PLUS 2X Master Mix manual
EconoTaq® PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mix manual
EconoTaq DNA Polymerase without Mg++ datasheet
EconoTaq DNA Polymerase datasheet

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