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CHOgro High Yield Expression System

The CHOgro® High Yield Expression System from Mirus Bio is the most advanced system for transient transfection and protein production in suspension CHO cells. With no commercial license required, the CHOgro High Yield Expression System features the CHOgro Titer Enhancer, which provides rapid, industry-leading protein yields in just seven days. The combination of CHOgro Expression Medium, TransIT® -PRO Transfection Reagent and the CHOgro Titer Enhancer enables robust cell growth and high efficiency transfection that streamlines the transient protein expression process.

Benefits of using the CHOgro High Yield Expression System
• Increased protein yield
• Simple workflow
• High cell density growth supported
• High efficiency transient transfection
• Animal origin-free
• No commercial license required
• Includes CHOgro expression medium, CHOgro complex formation, l-glutamine, poloxamer 188 solution, TransIT-PRO transfection reagent and CHOgro titer enhancer

The CHOgro High Yield Expression System outperforms the ExpiCHO™ expression system using multiple antibody constructs

The CHOgro® High Yield Expression System Outperforms the ExpiCHO Expression System Using Multiple Antibody Constructs

Six different IgG1 antibody constructs, including five therapeutically relevant constructs, were produced by transient transfection using either:   
• TransIT-PRO transfection reagent (1:1 reagent-to-DNA ratio), 1 µg plasmid DNA/ml of culture in FreeStyle™ CHO-S cells cultured in CHOgro expression medium (cell density of 4 x 106 cells/ml). CHOgro titer enhancer added immediately post-addition of transfection complexes and the culture was incubated at 32 °C shaking until harvest (red).
• Expifectamine™ CHO transfection kit (3.2:1 reagent-to-DNA), 1 µg plasmid DNA per ml of culture in ExpiCHO™-S cells cultured in ExpiCHO™ expression medium (cell density of 6 x 106 cells/ml) following the max titer protocol. At day 5
a second volume of ExpiCHO™ Feed was added (grey).
Supernatants were analysed at day 7 and day 14 using a sandwich human IgG ELISA. Error bars represent the standard deviation of triplicate technical replicates.

CHOgro Titer Enhancer does not adversely affect cell growth & viability post-transfection

CHOgro® Titer Enhancer Does Not Adversely Affect Cell Growth and Viability Post-transfection

Triplicate flasks of FreeStyle™ CHO-S cells adapted to CHOgro Expression Medium were transiently transfected with the TransIT-PRO Transfection Reagent at a 1:1 reagent-to-DNA ratio (vol:wt) and 1 µg plasmid DNA per ml of culture at 4 x 106 cells/ml in 125 ml optimum growth flasks. As indicated, CHOgro Titer Enhancer was added and all the cultures were shifted to 32 °C immediately post-addition of the transfection complexes to the culture. Cell counts (solid line) and viability (propidium iodide staining, dotted line) were measured daily post-transfection using a Guava® easyCyte™ 5HT flow cytometer.

• Antibody/protein production, purification and characterisation
• Cell culture fermentation
• Upstream biologics manufacturing

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Material available for dowload
CHOgro High Yield Expression System brochure
CHOgro High Yield Expression System full protocol
CHOgro Complex Formation Solution quick reference protocol
CHOgro Expression Medium quick reference protocol
CHOgro Transfection and Titer Enhancer Kit quick reference protocol

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Guava and EasyCyte are registered trademarks of Guava Technologies, Inc.


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
CHOgro High Yield Expression System MIR 6270 · Mirus
MIR 6270
1 kit £1012.00
1 kit
CHOgro Transfection and Titer Enhancer Kit MIR 6225 · Mirus
MIR 6225
1 kit £839.00
1 kit
CHOgro Expression Medium MIR 6200 · Mirus
MIR 6200
1 l £156.00
1 l
CHOgro Expression Medium. 10 Liter Polybag; Minimum order quantity 10 units MIR 6202 · Mirus
MIR 6202
1 each £1458.00
1 each
CHOgro Expression Medium. Dry Powder, Prepares 10 Liters; Minimum order quantity 3 units MIR 6201 · Mirus
MIR 6201
1 each £1307.00
1 each
CHOgro Complex Formation Solution MIR 6210 · Mirus
MIR 6210
100 ml £81.00
100 ml
Poloxamer 188 Solution, 10% MIR 6230 · Mirus
MIR 6230
100 ml £41.00
100 ml
L-Glutamine Solution, 200 mM MIR 6240 · Mirus
MIR 6240
100 ml £51.00
100 ml
TransIT-PRO Transfection Reagent MIR 5740 · Mirus
MIR 5740
1 ml £542.00
1 ml
TransIT-PRO Transfection Reagent MIR 5750 · Mirus
MIR 5750
10 ml £4316.00
10 ml

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