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CERO 3D organoid and spheroid studies


The 3D cell culture bioreactor of choice
The CERO 3D incubator and bioreactor from OMNI Life Science (OLS) utilises unique 3D cell culture technology to boost your stem cell, spheroid, organoid and tissue research. Offering improved maturation with no embedding substrate required, the CERO 3D significantly reduces apoptosis and necrosis resulting in the highest levels of viability and homogeneity. These features have made CERO 3D the cell culture bioreactor of choice in these recent studies.

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Recent studies (2022-)

  • During a recent study aiming to image entire brain organoids in 3D during different developmental stages, the organoids were transferred into a CERO tube and cultivated in a rotating CERO table-top bioreactor. The group were successful in being able to image healthy brain organoid architecture from meso- to nanoscale across development.
  • A group exploring the capabilities of CERO 3D when preparing spheroids from primary pig cells found them to retain their myogenic potential after incubation. Results demonstrated the protocol described is suitable for other sensitive primary cells and even "enhances the possibilities to explore the stemness and differentiation potential of myogenic cells".
  • CERO 3D played a vital role in a study investigating the scalable expansion of iPSC and their derivatives across multiple lineages. Expansion, differentiation, and cryopreservation processes were performed here over multiple cell lines and towards different lineages. In all approaches, the suspension bioreactor system CERO 3D was used, as "one optimised and flexible laboratory-scale device".
  • One recent publication discusses the limitations of 2D monolayer cell cultures and the ethical concerns behind animal testing, before validating the effectiveness of using CERO 3D to produce new tumour models for anticancer screening and the implications of what this successful research means for oxicological pharmaceutical research, tissue engineering and material sciences.
  • To enable large-scale propagation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), a research group implemented the use of CERO 3D. This investigation helped establish a developmentally informed protocol recapitulating key aspects of microglial ontogeny and differentiation, which efficiently and reproducibly yields large numbers of ready-to-use iPSC-derived microglia (iPSdMiG).
  • A study aiming to provide a standardised protocol for large-scale production of proximal tubular epithelial cells (PTEC) generated from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC), demonstrated efficient expansion of hPSC and controlled differentiation to renal progenitors.

Organoid research offers a three-dimensional window into the complexities of life science, and CERO 3D helps make that possible. Request a demo to see how we can help you revolutionise your organoid research.

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