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AzureSpot Pro

The AzureSpot Pro from Azure Biosystems is a powerful software, for advanced Western blot, gel and plate analysis designed to simplifying complex and customised analysis.

Benefits and features of the AzureSpot pro 
• Analysis of single channel or multichannel images
• Multiple lane boxes for simultaneous analysis of blots, gels or plates in a single image
• Automatic lane and band detection even on distorted gels
• Simple background subtraction
• Molecular weight or concentration analysis using defined standards and the in-software calibration
• Mac and PC compatible

Software requirements

Windows requirements Mac OS requirements
2GB RAM Mac OS 10.15 Catalina
Windows 10 Intel Macs only – we have not tested on Apple Silicon
.NET 5 Desktop Runtime .NET 5 Runtime
WebGL compatible GPU 2GB disk space free
2GB disk space free  


AzureSpot Pro software images

single channel multichannel

Multi lane box

Band detection

data tools

AzureSpot Pro software images. (Top left): Single and multichannel images with views on individual channels in a multiplex image or view channel simultaneously. (Top right): Multi lane boxes allowing for simultaneous analysis of multi blots, gel or plates in a single lane. (Bottom left): Automatic band detection by channel or detect globally across a multichannel image. (Bottom right): Molecular weight, quantity calibration and normalisation data tools available.

• Total Protein Normalisation
• Quantitative Western Blots
• Chemiluminescent Westerns
• Florescent Westerns

Free trial available
30 day free trial available

Material available for download
AzureSpot Pro brochure
AzureSpot Pro setup guide

AzureSpot Pro citations


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
AzureSpot Pro AC1078 · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
Software POA
AzureSpot Pro GxP AC1077 · Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems
Software POA