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Extracellular Vesicle Isolation from Urine - Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit

Extracellular Vesicle Isolation from Urine - Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit

Cambridge Bioscience offers an innovative kit for the isolation of high-purity extracellular vesicles (EVs) from urine in less than one hour. With minimal carryover of THP and other proteins and high EV yield, the Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit enables more efficient biomarker discovery from urine-derived EVs.

Benefits Of Using Exo-Urine EV Isolation Kit
• High-purity EVs isolated
• High yield of EVs
• Minimal carryover of THP & other proteins
• Quick isolation – isolate EVs from 10 samples in < 1 hour
• Low input sample volume
• Utilises fast-flow resin/gravity column
• Compatible with fresh & frozen urine
• Sensitive isolation method – decreased contaminants & enrichment of EV-associated markers compared with column, precipitation, and ultracentrifugation isolation methods

Exo-Urine EV Enrichment

Urinary EVs (uEVs) were enriched using Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit and Company N’s kit from freshly collected pooled uringe samples from 3 healthy donors and stored at 2 hrs, 4 hrs and 6 hrs at +4 degrees C. 1.5 ml urine was used for the Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit compared with 15 ml for Company N’s kit. Western blot analysis for (A) THP and CD63 comparing the two kits and (B) AQP2, TSG101 AND HSP70 for the Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit demonstrates superior performance of the Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit for delivering low level contaminants and enrichment of EV-specific markers

Exo-Urine Frozen Pooled samples

Urinary EVs (uEVs) were enriched from pooled urine samples stored at -200 C for 3 weeks using Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit, Company N’s kit, ultracentrifugation and polymer precipitation isolation methods. 1.5 ml urine was used for Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit compared with 15 ml for the other methods. Different exosomal markers indicated above were probed to define the isolated uEVs from different methods (loaded based on equal volume ratio) using immunoblotting. High relative amount of aquaporin-2 (AQP2) vs other EV markers (in UC/polymer precipitation lanes) indicates possible carryover of non-EV associated soluble form of aquaporin-2 (Kodaka et al. 2018)

The Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit delivers higher yields of EVs (protein equivalent) than other methods

Exo-Urine EV Yield

EV preparations isolated by Exo-Urine, Company N, ultracentrifugation and polymer precipitation were analysed for EV yield, measured by protein equivalence using Qubit protein assay, and amounts normalised to the EVs isolated by ultracentrifugation. Use of the Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit results in more EVs than all other methods.

• Biomarker discovery

Material Available For Download
Exo-Urine™ EV Isolation Kit Manual
Exosome Research Products & Services Brochure

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