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DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage ELISA Kit

DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage ELISA Kit

Cambridge Bioscience offers a sensitive immunoassay for the detection of all three oxidised guanine species as a measurement of DNA/RNA oxidative damage. Capturing a more complete set of biologically relevant products of oxidative damage than other commercially available kits, detect 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine from DNA, 8-hydroxyguanosine from RNA and 8-hydroxyguanine from either DNA or RNA with this accurate and convenient kit.

Benefits of Using the DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage ELISA Kit
• Detects all 3 oxidised guanine species
• High sensitivity – 30 pg/ml (defined as 80% B/B0)
• Compatible with a range of sample types
• Solid & strip-well formats available

DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage ELISA Kit Standard Curve
Material Available for Download
DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage ELISA Kit Protocol


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