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Sensitive cAMP Quantification EIA Kit
Sensitive cGMP Quantification EIA Kit

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Sensitive Acetylated Or Non Acetylated cGMP Quantification

Sensitive Acetylated Or Non Acetylated cGMP Quantification

Cambridge Bioscience offers sensitive cGMP ELISA kits for the quantification of either acetylated or non-acetylated cGMP. Using high-affinity monoclonal antibodies and with an optional protocol and reagents for acetylation to increase the sensitivity of detection, these kits offer exceptionally high sensitivity (0.46 pmol/ml acetylated cGMP) in plasma, urine & cell & tissue culture supernatants.

Benefits of Using the cGMP ELISA Kit
• Highly sensitive
• Low cross-reactivity for other adenosine & guanosine mono & trinucleotides
• Uses the AChE technology
• Convenient - requires no 'stop' reagent so can be read when appropriate
• Re-development feature - AChE does not self-inactivate during turnover enabling re-development if splashed or spilled
• Highly stable tracer with wide pH range
• Wide sample compatibility
• Flexible format - 96 & 480 solid & strip well

cGMP ELISA Kit Standard Curve

Why Choose A Cayman Chemical Assay
Measure with confidence. Sensitivity defined.

Material Available for Download
Cyclic GMP ELISA Kit Manual


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