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High Efficiency Competent Cells for Protein Expression

Detergents for Membrane Protein Purification

Human Cell Expressed Proteins

Highly effective & efficient in vitro delivery of Cas9 RNP for genome editing in challenging cells

High quality CD4+ & CD8+ T-cell stimulating peptide pools

High quality CD4+ & CD8+ T-cell stimulating peptide pools
The PepMix™ range of high quality peptide pools for the in vitro stimulation of CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses spans more than 100 antigens or mixed epitope pools, including tumour associated and infectious disease antigens. The PepMix™ peptide pools are created by antigenic protein sequences being divided into overlapping peptides, chemically synthesised and then analysed to comply with the requirements of T-cell assays.

Benefits of using the PepMix™ Peptide Pools
• Simultaneous CD4 and CD8 response detection in a single sample (CEF pools: CD8 only)
• Better or equivalent T-cell response stimulation compared to whole protein antigens
• Improved and easier T-cell response detection in stored blood and PBMCs compared to whole protein antigens
• Reliable quality control and quality assurance
• High batch-to-batch reproducibility
• Prolonged shelf life when stored freeze-dried
• Pooled and aliquoted according to ISO 9001:2008 and GCLP regulations

"I have used JPT's peptide pools (PepMix™) for years now, with great satisfaction! First CMV derived peptides and now also EBV. So far, we have published data in one publication and plan several more in the near future."
Anna Karin Lidehaell, Uppsala University, Clin. Immunol., Uppsala, Sweden

PepMix™ Peptide Pools applications
• Vaccine efficacy testing
• Antigen specific T-cell response measurement
• Antigen-specific T-cell responses correlation with immune status
• Antigen specific T-lymphocyte generation for adoptive immunotherapy
• T-lymphocyte epitope discovery

PepMix™ Peptide Pool Range
1. Positive and negative control pools
Including CEF, CEFT and EF Pools, HCMV (pp65, IE-1...), Human Actin
2. Infectious disease pools
Including EBV (EBNAs, BLZF1...), BKV (VP1, largeT...), Adenovirus, HPV, HIV, Influenza and many more
3. Tumour associated antigens
Including melanoma, prostate and breast cancer, glioma, gastric cancer, testicular/ovarian cancer, Wilms tumour and many more

Material available for download
Cytomegalovirus protein spanning PepMix™ peptide pools to discover changes in T cell immunity in the aging population
T cell therapy for viral infections after hematopoietic stem cell transplant
Qualification and use of peptide libraries for clinical trial immunomonitoring


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