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Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit: Gold Seal of Quality award winner

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to annouce that the Zymoclean™ Gel DNA Recovery Kit from Zymo Research has been awarded the SelectScience® Gold Seal of Quality Award.

Zymo Research is no stranger to Seals of Quality, having achieved 10 awards last year alone, and it seems that 2022 will be no different, with the Zymoclean™ Gel DNA Recovery Kit receiving 100 reviews with an impressive star rating of 4.9 out of 5.

The Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kits enable fast recovery of ultra-pure DNA from TAE/TBE buffered agarose gels into minimal volumes.

We are delighted to see the Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery kits recognised in this way.

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